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Predictors of employee engagement

By Hồng Bùi on September 26th 2020

As a boss or business owner, have you ever wondered why your employees keep submitting the resignation emails and leaving the company? Theoretically, we do have something here which can help you to answer the question!

1. Leadership — “Employees don’t leave companies, they leave bad bosses”

In order to provide employees the best place to work, some companies might invest a lot of money in offering a competitive compensation and benefit system or even build a fancy office with luxury equipment for the teams. However, money cannot buy everything in this case —money will not help you to retain good employees if you provide them 24/7 bad bosses. We can not deny the fact that the bad behaviors of the bosses will lead to the poor employee engagement. Some famous bad behaviors can be mentioned here such as micro-managing, ignoring feedback, not standing up for employees, taking the credit for team member’s work, etc.

The leadership team is a bridge between the company and its employees. CEO, COO, CSO, C-whatever letters, Managers— Do they act as your ambassador to deliver messages of the company’s mission, vision, aspirations? The junior/fresh candidates might choose the company to work simply based on the perks, but for the senior one, they will want to work for an interesting boss. How to define this “interesting”? — It depends on each person’s preferences, but normally, people will be impressed and inspired by the “fire”, or, the ambition of the leader for the company mission. Is the “fire” flickering like a candle, or the “fire” inside the leader is strong enough to lighten up the night?

2. Talent centric

Vietnamese have an idiom says “Gió tầng nào gặp mây tầng đó“, similar to “Birds of a feather flock together”. In order to attract the talent, or make the candidates felt in love with the company at the first sight, companies will have to invest in developing their employer brand. Salary is a condition to select a job, but being part of the right company culture is also an important thing for talented members as well. Normally, work will occupy 1/3 time of a people lifetime, so it can be seen that they can not commit and devote 1/3 of their life to the company which is not fit with them.

A leader should always consider providing your elite members these 3 most important thing: a desirable mission to work for, a proper income to survive in big cities, a development and growth opportunity. If we only focus in developing the external branding image and avoid to take care about the issues lying in the root of the tree — the internal people management system which includes career and development, performance management, rewards, and recognition, then sooner or later, your favorite employees will leave as they can not find their future along with the company’s development.

3. The work

Why an employee select this company instead of the other one? Interesting boss, good company branding and talent focus play an important role in the employee engagement but the work itself is also a predictor as well. The factors relate to the work includes the work tasks, the empowerment, the collaboration, the work/life balance. Empowerment is important. We all know that people need to feel appreciated, respected and included. Empowerment will help the employees to understand that their work is important and they have the ability to successfully perform tasks. Without empowerment, the best you can expect from the employee who work for you is just compliance.

In conclusion, the engagement level of an employee will always be connected to the leaders, the talent-centric mindset of the leader, and the work itself. An engaged employee will always strive for the success in their job, always say positive thing about the company to their colleague as well as to customers, and, they will have an intense sense of belonging and always have a desire to be a part of the company.

Let’s get the theory session end now and get back to my personal story of the reason why I choose LOGIVAN. 2 years ago, LOGIVAN is a strange name for me, I have never heard about that company’s name since it’s a new startup. After some searching, I found the Medium blog of the founder and read all the articles that she has written. My first impression was, this company has been found by a young lady, with strong will and determination to build a great team and aim to win the logistics market. The mission itself does impress me as well. Before joining LOGIVAN, I have worked for an organization which often use trucks for their projects and after complete each project, all 10–20 trucks with their 2-tons, 5-tons boxes will return empty from the Central to the North. Well, I felt that’s a waste, and to be honest, I can do nothing instead of utilizing the return truck by buying some foods/gifts, give the drivers some money to send the stuffs back to the North, so the drivers can have some money added in their income instead of driving an empty truck back home. Therefore, the idea of transforming the fragmented trucking industry and the mission of “With LOGIVAN, no truck will ever run empty” does impressed me much. You can say that’s a love at the 1st sight.

As a startup company, there was no clear evidence of success, and to create that evidence, it will be my job and other co-worker job. I was in a stable job, good income at that time but it’s lack of challenges for me to growth. And then LOGIVAN appeared and offered me a challenge. I took it and after 2 years, I have never had a single moment of regret. My 2 years at LOGIVAN is one of the most challenging and most rewarding time. Everyday I got a new challenge, every moment is a new experience. At LOGIVAN, we have a team full of young and energetic members; and the bosses always give LOGINEERs chances to learn and try for the new things.

We have a fast-moving and dynamic culture, so only the most innovative and enthusiastic people can thrive here. If anyone is ready to be a part of the trucking revolution, kindly send us your latest CV to [email protected]. If you do not want to live a trivial, tasteless life and prefer the difficult roads, you can check on our opening jobs which are available at: https://www.logivan.com/tuyen-dung/.

Keep trucking.

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